Storfund ensures Amazon sellers receive daily payments for their Amazon sales. Amazon sellers receive their sales the same day, irrespective of Amazon’s actions, be it rolling reserves, 14 or 30 day payment cycles.
Storfund is available in eight Amazon marketplaces: US, CA, DE, UK, FR, IT, ES and JP.
We offer highly competitive currency conversion rates through our partnerships with leading global payment service providers and can save Amazon sellers up to 75%.

For a 14-day free trial period, post the promo code EPLS18 into the chat box when registering.

BidX goal is to simplify paid online searches with a great user experience. Save time managing your PPC: BidX is the smart way to optimise your paid search on Amazon. By automating bid adjustments as well as the keyword and negative keyword management at any scale we deliver you the highest possible conversions on the lowest input resources to sky rocket your profits! BidX is available for Sellers and Vendors in Europe as well as in North America.

European Seller Conference will take place in March 28-29, 2019 in Prague and it aims to unite Amazon sellers right in the heart of Europe. The event targets private label eCommerce business owners selling on the European marketplaces. During the conference over 200 attendees will be learning from a small, selected group of international speakers who will be sharing what works right now on Amazon. Sellers will be learning the latest PPC strategies, important considerations when localizing products and brands for different countries, ways to bring external traffic to your listing, as well as many more invaluable tips, which will help to grow the eCommerce business faster.