Tips to Avoid Getting in Trouble Due to the New Packaging Law in Germany

Tobias Fischer - Founder at Sermondo


At an early age of only 14 years, Tobias started his first online-business, selling different kinds of physical products from China to the German market.

Since then, things changed very quick and the “Amazon FBA Hype” begun. Following this trend, he always tried to make something out of every opportunity. Working as a partner for a small E-Commerce agency, he learned a lot about this business. The need for qualified service-providers in this niche is growing fast.

Also, it’s very important to connect with foreign companies to grow internationally. This is how he got the idea to start sermondo.com – to provide an opportunity for every Amazon FBA and E-Commerce related service provider!

If you have any follow up questions about the new Packaging Law in Germany, feel free to contact the customer service of Zmart24 – the package licensing partner: kundenservice@zmart24.de

Zmart24 is also offering a 5% discount for their services. Use the code „zmarty“.



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