25+ Experts Walk You through How to Successfully Expand Your Amazon FBA* Business to Europe

September 19-25, 2016

Free** online event arms you with proven tips & tricks to start selling your physical products in Amazon European Marketplaces

This event aims to address businesses only

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Are you running a successful Amazon FBA business in the US and wondering how you can enter the Amazon marketplaces in Europe? Do you want to know where to start and how to expand your business into these multi-language markets more efficiently?

Augustas Kligys

My name is Augustas Kligys and I am in a similar situation as you!

I’ve seen the potential of the European Amazon marketplaces and I’ve decided to contact the various experts in this area, such as: successful sellers, financial advisors, ecommerce strategists, etc...

I wanted to pick their brains and discover their secrets so I could duplicate their results! And that’s how the European Private Label Summit was born.

The European Private Label Summit has gathered the experts on this topic that will share with you the step by step process you need to succeed as an Amazon seller in Europe!

This summit will answer the most frequently asked questions and show you all the shortcuts to start listing your products and selling them successfully in the UK, Germany, France, Spain or Italy.

Some of the topics we will cover during the event

Where to Start?

What are the first steps you need to take to start selling your products in Europe? Should I incorporate? What about taxes and languages? Argh!!

Taxes & VAT

We'll feature the various experts in this field. They will help you clear the confusion about taxes in Europe and show you how to navigate this very complex aspect of your business.

Country Differences

We'll show you the buying trends and preferences of the different European customers…a Spanish is not the same as a German!

Importing into Europe

Discover the different importing policies you must know about to avoid getting your FBA business in trouble.

Do I need EORI? What's that?


Learn how to handle the translation process for the product listings and keywords like a pro and get reviews.

The tools and services to do it right!

Case Studies

The successful case studies we'll feature will show you how these sellers went from zero to heroes in the European marketplace and how you can too! You won't want to miss this portion of our summit - it is very inspiring!

European Private Label Summit Speakers

We feature 25+ Experts & Online Entrepreneurs who will take you through the steps and actions you need to take to expand your Amazon FBA business to Europe.

Greg Mercer

Jungle Scout

Best Practices for Selecting Products for German Market

Gil Lang

Private Label Journey (DE)

All You Need to Know About Selling like a Pro in Germany

Matt Ward

"FBA All Stars" Podcast

How I Successfully Expanded My FBA Business to Europe

Dawid Schűtte



Peter Zapf

Global Sources

How to Perfect Your Product Sourcing Process from China

Scott & Sabine

InterCultural Elements

How to Expand to Multiple Markets with This 3-Step Strategy

Michael Veazey

"Amazing FBA" Podcast

Top 10 Secrets I've Learned from Successful Amazon Sellers

Mark Scott Adams

Amazon Seller and Coach

How to Benefit from the Canton Fair in China as an Amazon Private Label Seller

Danny McMillan

The Amazon Seller

Debunking These 10 PPC Myths!

Will Tjernlund

Amazon and FBA Expert

Learn from the Mindset That Generated over $10 Millions in Less Than 3 Years

Manuel Becvar

Import Dojo

Must Know Regulations and Certifications for Product Imports into Europe

Timo Bock

AmzStars Reviews

How to Launch Your Product, Get Reviews and Initial Sales in Germany

Chris Rawlings

Judo Launch

Step by Step Formula for Launching a U.S. Based Amazon Business in Germany and UK

Amy Feierman


How to Hire & Train a Virtual Assistant for Your Amazon FBA Business

Greg Jones


How to Avoid Little Known Pitfalls When Shipping Goods Directly to Amazon

Claire Taylor


Understanding Taxes and VAT for Amazon Sellers in Europe

Justin Croxton

Private Label Passport

Scaling Your Amazon Business Globally as Your Next Logical Step

Dan Moody

Amazon Optimisation Specialist

Simple Things Amazon Sellers Overlook in European Marketplaces

Lazar Slavov


German and European Union Law... Don't overlook These Legal Issues!

Devon Kellar


Online Arbitrage Blueprint for UK

Jörg Kundrath

KAVAJ Academy

KAVAJ Case Study - Lessons Learned on My Way to the Top!

Jay Lagarde


Best Strategies for Sending Email Solicitations

Manuel Gallego


Things You All You Need to Know to Penetrate the Spanish Market!

Christoph & Miguel

FBA Hero

Key Things You Need to Know to Expand Your Amazon Business to Europe

Luke Trayfoot

World First

Managing Currencies when Selling Internationally on Amazon

Anthony Vaughan

The Amazon Seller

10 Reasons Why Selling in Europe Is Better Than Selling in the U.S.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!


Is this event really free?

Yes! When you register for the event, during the 19th-25th of September you'll be sent daily emails letting you know which sessions are available. They will remain available for 24 hours whereupon they will be removed and no longer accessible for a free access.

What is the European Private Label Summit?

The European Private Label Summit is a week-long, virtual event during which 26 experts share their insights and expertise with you!

Do I have to travel to the European Private Label Summit?

Nope! The European Private Label Summit is a virtual event, meaning that there is no physical meeting location for this conference. Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to access the broadcasts of the sessions.

What if I miss one of the speakers' sessions?

If you do happen to miss one of the speakers' presentations, even after it was available for 24 hours, there is an option to upgrade your ticket to an All-Access Pass. With this pass, you'll be given instant access to all the sessions of the speakers, viewable whenever you want to watch them! Claim your free ticket below to learn more about the All-Access Pass. Note: the sale of All-Access Pass takes place via Digistore24 - the most established payment processors for digital products in Germany.


The best part is you can get access for FREE (for a limited time)!

Creator & Summit Host


Augustas, originally from Lithuania and currently living in Germany. He likes to gather the best information about an industry and report about it for others to benefit from it. He has a passion for sharing ideas, strategies, blueprints and any information that can optimise a situation and make other people's lives easier! From this perspective and from being a top amazon reviewer in Germany he is bringing the various Amazon FBA business experts to his summit to provide actionable and valuable content for his target audience.